Welcome to the World of Shoujo!

Mokona Modoki saying "It's a secret"

Mokona Modoki from Tsubasa Resvoir Chronicles

Hello all!

My name is Tokyo. I’ve started this blog as a way to bring shoujo manga to others. Most people who read manga will tend to go for shounen, most likely drawn to the action that is ever-present in its pages. I, however, have always been drawn to the more emotional and relationship heavy manga of shoujo. And yes, it is normally categorized as the “girls” manga but I believe there is more to shoujo manga than just being for “girls”.

Anyway, since my first days in middle school of coming across the wonderful world of manga and anime, I have read a countless number of manga, most of which are in the category of shoujo. I have also noticed, sadly, how a lot of great shoujo titles are much, much lesser known than their shounen counter parts. Why shouldn’t these wonderful shoujo stories be as popular as all of the shounen manga, I’ve thought. Perhaps if people were made aware of all these great titles they would be encouraged to read. Or perhaps it might encourage some new readers, those who aren’t partial to shounen but are interested in the beautiful art of manga.

Thus, the Shoujo Review has come to be! I will be using this blog to review as many shoujo manga as possible with a new one every week. I will also highlight a new shoujo mangaka every month starting in August! Occasionally I might have a random anime and manga piece of news or trivia that I will post in addition to the weekly manga, or maybe just a slice-of-life. Nevertheless, this marks the start of a journey into the beautiful, illustrated World of Shoujo!

Ja Matta Ne~