Update on Blog

Hello! I don’t know if you have stumbled across my first few posts on this blog, but I have taken all but one of them down. The reason being when I had started this blog a few years ago I did not get very far before life got in the way, and soon this site became a mere afterthought. Now as I am out of school and fairly stable in my life, the idea of this blog drifted into my head again as I was sorting through the many shoujo manga I had read over the years. As it stands now shoujo manga has become increasingly popular over the years (still not as popular as shounen but eh, at least it got somewhere) with more and more series being licensed in English. With it’s increase in popularity finding information on shoujo manga is less scouring the internet and more scrolling leisurely through Tumblr or the like.

Still, shoujo manga has a place in my heart and I would like to contribute to it’s fandom in some way besides posting random pictures on my Pinterest in the hopes of encouraging someone to check it out. Plus this is a fantastic way for me to write down my thoughts while making sure all the literacy and grammar that has been crammed into my head for numerous years at school doesn’t fade away completely. That said, I will officially start up this blog again (hopefully for a longer run) and will start off slow so as not to discourage myself by biting off more than I can chew! I will be reposting some of my older reviews in the next few weeks with some edits, as well as a couple new pieces. After that most likely I will try to start with a review once a week, or bi weekly depending on how things go.

I hope you enjoy this blog, see you at the next review!



3 thoughts on “Update on Blog

  1. Arria Cross says:

    Indeed. Shoujo still isn’t as popular as shounen series, but it has acquired quite a strong fanbase outside Japan. Thank goodness for that.

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