Bishounen no Oheya

bishounen no

Bishounen no Oheya, or The Beautiful Boys’ Room by Kurumatani Haruko.

Coming from a very poor family, Sakurano Koyuki attends a high school for the wealthy with the hopes of marrying a rich man. As long as she obtains the top grade in the school all of her tuition expenses are paid leaving her to strive for her dream. So far she has had no problems making the top marks… that is until Jinguu Itsuki transfers into the school and steals her throne at the top. Immediately after their stormy first meeting Koyuki is called home to find her father has fled leaving her family in debt and her as the only one they can rely on. With things looking bleak for Koyuki, it seems almost too good to be true when Jinguu swoops in and saves the day paying her family’s debt and covering all her school expenses… only to find out that it is! In exchange for saving her family and her dream Koyuki must become the live-in maid for Jingu, his cousin Ooguro Ryou, and their childhood friend Ayase Kanae.

In the beginning this manga is not off to the best start. For one, the pacing of the story is way too fast to really feel any impact on what is happening to the main character. If this was a one-shot perhaps the pacing wouldn’t seem quite as terrible, yet even then I have read many a one-shots with significantly better pacing than this manga.


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