One-Shot Highlight #2!

Title page of 'Shoujo Eve Ringo Jikake no 24 Ji'

‘Shoujo Eve Ringo Jikake no 24 Ji’ or “Eve’s 24 Hour Applework” by Arina Tanemura.

Eve Shiratori hates being called “cute” to the very core. Being so cute has made her life miserable, she can’t make any friends and most people are too intimidated to really get closer to her. And to top it all off, she is constantly being asked out by the popular Kashii-kun based off her looks. The only one who seems to listen is the kind Niikawa-kun, Eve’s classmate. Can Eve confess her feelings to Niikawa-kun or will she come around to Kashii-kun’s advances?

Shoujo Eve is a cute little one-shot that contains most of the elements of a whole series in a 10 minute chapter. Albit a little stereotypical of shoujo manga (really big eyes), Arina Tanemura portrays some of the most beautiful art in her works, and Shoujo Eve is no exception. As always, her stories come off as light and innocent at first, but they soon reveal themselves to have a darker side buried deep into the hearts of her characters.

Bishounen Look: The two bishounen of the series are Niikawa-kun and Kashii-kun. If you like the ‘nice-guy’ type then perhaps you will like Niikawa-kun. He’s a little to ‘goody-goody’ for my tastes really but it also comes off cute at the end. Kashii-kun, however, is just right in my opinion. He’s got the pretend arrogance/optimism that’s funny/cute, but then the kinder, deeper side of the ‘tragic heroes’ without all the emo that is present in a lot of Tanemura’s male protagonists/love interests.


This one-shot was released in America in the magazine Shojo Beat, but if you don’t have a copy of that it should be easily found online. The only annoyance I find is that some translations online will use “kawaii” instead of “cute”. In Japanese “kawaii” can mean anything from “cute” to “cool” to just expressing some kind of positive feeling. Normally I prefer leaving the Japanese words like kawaii not translated but for the purposes of this one-shot it works much better to just use “cute” since the use of the word kawaii in this story is actually closer to “cute”. It makes for a much smoother read in English. But that’s just my opinion and either way it does make for a good read.


One-Shot Highlight #1

Title picture for 'Hajimete' Ageru!

‘Hajimete’ Ageru!, or Giving “The First Time”, by Yukimo Hoshimori.

School girl Sayu is suddenly confessed to by the popular Yano-senpai out of the blue. Agreeing to go out with him, Sayu learns why the mysterious Yano-senpai chose her out of all the other girls.

Definitely not one of the best one-shots I’ve read, but it’s not terrible. The art isn’t bad and the story is sweet. A little bit cheesy, but hey, if you’re in the mood for a bit of innocent fluff this may just be a nice short fix. Overall, the art can use a little bit of work but it’s not bad in some parts.

Bishounen Look: Leaning more on the strong silent type, Yano-senpai does break away from it in a slight ‘moe’ scene in the middle that adds a cuteness factor. Not bad for a one-shot bishounen but pretty generic in my opinion.

One-Shots Galore!

In the vast expanse of manga there are thousands upon thousands of different titles available for the curious reader to lay their hands on. An overwhelming prospective when you imagine every series running nearly over a stretch of 5 volumes or more. The reality is that nearly half of all those titles are merely one-shots or one-shot collections.

One-shots are basically the manga/fanfiction equivalent of a short story in classic literature. And I believe these little bursts of inspiration are just as entertaining as some of the longer running series of the genre. Therefore, along with the full series manga reviews I will be posting one-shot highlights every once in a while giving a short description and opinion on each title.

So the next time you are looking for a 10 to 15 minute break try flipping through one of these short but sweet escapes, perfect for tiding over the deprived manga addict.